16th Tawastia Stomp - Halloween Scream

Aulanko Areena - 16th Tawastia Stomp - Halloween Scream

Aulanko Areena
perjantai 27.10.2017
Mistä 18:00
sunnuntai 29.10.2017
Aikeissa 3:00
Aulanko Areena
FinlandHämeenlinnaAulangontie 9313210
Näytä kartalla
598 osallistuja
Friday 27.10.2017

Doors open 19.30
Scarlett Plague Syndicate 20.00
6 Feet Down 21.00
Zipheads 22.00
Gorilla 23.30
Demented Are Go 01.00

Saturday 28.10.2017

DJ's at the spa 12.00 -
Doors open 15.30
Nuke Mutants 16.00
Wanton 17.00

Näytä lisää
Magnetix 18.00
Surf Rats 19.15
Quakes 20.45
Banane Metalik 22.15
Frenzy 23.45
******* Gallows 01.15


The pre-order ticket prices will be 30 euros for Friday, 40 euros for Saturday and 65 euros both nights. At the door the price is 35 euros for Friday and 45 for Saturday.

Ennakot 30 juuroa perstai, 40 lauantai TAI molemmat illat yht 65. Ovelta hinnat perjantai 35 ja lauantai 45.

Foreigners, please send us a message if you are coming and we will charge you the pre-order price at the door. - unless you book the hotel when the tickets are included in the room price... Just send us your name and how many tickets. We guarantee that you will get it!

Suamalaiset, tuutatkaatten tuonne Hold Fast Ry pohjattomalle tilille (kaikki rahat katoavat) FI0856800020221624 rahulia tarpeidenne mukaisesti, viestikenttään oma nimi, montako lippua ja mille päivälle. (Esim Pekka Kaukalo, 2 kpl, Lauantai) jos summa kohtaa ylläolevat hintavaatimukset, niin kuin tapahtumapäivänä taaperratte läskipohjat lotisten lipunmyyntiin kuitin kanssa (mobiilikin käy) niin sujahdatte sisään kuin suppo pakoputkeen. Jos syystä tai toisesta on epäselvää, kuinka paljon suloisia euroloisia on syytä suuntaamme ohjata, niin kysykää ihmeessä tarkennusta.

Jos joku haluaa tahmatassuissaan hypistellä vielä fyysisempää lippu, niin niitä on saatavissa sekä AULANGOLTA KYLPYLÄN RESPASTA että HORROR-SHOPISTA Helsingistä. Lippuja on kolmea eri tyyppiä: pe, la ja koko vkl. Käykää siis kaupoilla.

Included in these prices are tickets. (you can change the search terms yourself and if it is a single room, one ticket is included, if it is a room for three, three tickets..)



You can use this link to book either the hotel in downtown Hämeenlinna or at Aulanko (the venue).

Aulanko is already full for Friday. Book the downtown for friday and Aulanko for saturday, and we'll take care of the transport between the hotel and the venue.

UPDATE 10th August: Seems like BOTH Aulanko and the Downtown Cumulus are full for Friday. However, there are other hotels in town, for example Hotelli Emilia and Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. You can book them for friday night and Aulanko for saturday night. We will organize transport as stated above. (Again, naturally, tickets are not included, these two hotels are just additional options....)

The price is as low as we can squeeze it with a nationwide chain. The city-option is cheaper, but has less perks. Remember, Aulanko is a spa-hotel, and the use of spa is included in the price. There is also a pretty damned good buffet breakfast and, most importantly, VERY late checkout by 16.00 hrs on Sunday...

YOU MIGHT still be able to book through hotelscom, bookingcom, expedia or whatever, but the prices are likely to be **** high and tickets will not be included in those.

For anyone coming to Finland for this event, we will provide you all detailed info on how the get to the venue and any other humanly possible assistance. Just send us a message! If you decide not to come, hope we see you some other time.

Niille, joilta taipuu vain ralli-enklanti ja pornosaksa, niin tuossa linkit suameksi, silvuplee..


Lippuloiset kuuluvat huonehintaan, MUTTA VAIN TÄMÄN LINKIN KAUTTA BUUKATESSA.

Aulanko on perjantain osalta jo täynnä. Mutta buukatkaa keskustan Cumulus pe ja Aulanko la, niin hoidamme kuljetukset hotellilta Aulangolle ja takaisin

PÄIVITYS 10.8. Perjantai-yön osalta SEKÄ Aulanko, että keskustan Cumulus ovat täynnä. Buukatkaa lauantai Aulangolle ja toki kaupungista löytyy myös esim Hotelli Emilia ja Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. Niistäkin saatte kyydin, mutta lippu ei luonnollisesti sisälly hintaan.

Kuten huomaatte, voitte buukata joko Aulangon tai keskustan Cumuluksen. Keskusta toki on halvempi, mutta ei luonnollisesti sisällä kylpylän käyttöä tai sunnuntaina todella myöhäistä check-outia (16.00 mennessä)

It is possible to get accommodation at Aulanko Outdoors as well. When it comes to comfort, the cottages are not on par with the Spa hotel, but much, much cheaper and close by. For the budget traveller they are an option as well. Here is a bit of info on them.
Katajistontie 1, 13220 Hämeenlinna, Finland
Arriving between 14-19.00. If arriving is later, please inform us beforehand. Check out latest 12.00
Info and reservations: info@aulankooutdoors.fi / +358 44 767 4772
Camping cottage 29m2 3-4 persons 60 eur / day
2 bed + 1 sofa bed, toilet, shower, coffee maker, refrigerator, mikrowave, blankets, pillows. Take own bed sheets or sleeping bag with you.
Overnight cottage 20 m2 4-5 persons 40 eur / day
Bunk beds, coffee maker, refrigerator, mikrowave, blankets, pillows. Take own bed linen or sleeping bag with you. Toilet and shower on the area."

(As a disclaimer, we at Hold Fast have no deal and get not a penny from these or any other accommodation. We just wish to provide you with options....)

The bands will play on dates given below, but NOT IN THIS ORDER:

Friday October 27th:

Saturday October 28th:
******* GALLOWS (US)

As always, our goal is to just break even and IF the long-feared "psychobilly bankcruptcy" will not occur, our intention to continue this two-dayer annually. But it depends on you guys..

Present at the venue will also be

Horror-Shop, http://horror-shop.net/fi/

Rotten Roll Store, http://rottenrollstore.fi/fi/

Underground Store, www.undergroundstore.fi/

Paradox of Time Tattoos, https://www.facebook.com/PARADOX-OF-TIME-432807653475130/

Jungle Records, www.junglerecords.fi/

R'nR Puoti, www.rock.puoti.tarjoaa.fi

If you fly in to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the best way to get you **** to Hämeenlinna is by bus. Here you can check the timetables. https://liput.matkahuolto.fi/connectionlist?lang=en&arrivalPlaceId=p1047&departurePlaceId=p611&departureDate=2017-10-27#breadcrumb
You can catch the bus right in front of Terminal 2. If the bus you choose requires a transfer, that will happen at a gas station approximately 15 minutes drive from the airport. You cannot miss getting on the right one. The bus will take you to Hämeenlinna Bus Station. The local bus stop is on Palokunnankatu (the street right in front of the bus station) and from there you can take bus number 2 (should read "Aulanko" on the display) and that will take you directly to the hotel (it is the terminus). The local bus costs 3,40 eur one way and you can buy it with cash from the driver. Busses leave 8.40, 9.40, 10.40 ... every hour until the evening. You can also take a taxi from the Hämeenlinna bus station to the venue (Aulangontie 93) and that will cost 14-20 euros depending on when you travel and how many are in the car..
If you need to get to Hämeenlinna from any other city, just ask. Helsinki is the easiest, though...
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