The Promise of the New Economy | Maria 01 | Helsinki

Maria 01 - The Promise of the New Economy | Maria 01 | Helsinki

Maria 01
maanantai 25.6.2018
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Maria 01
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Blockchains and distributed ledger technologies have received their share of hype, but what is their true potential? Can distributed economies really give shape to value that is worthy of the 21st century? Perhaps the key lies in what Gandhi said - such economies thrive when there is strength in the underlying social fabric.
Join us as we host Siddharth Sthalekar, the founder of Sacred Capital at Maria01 in Helsinki on 25 June to talk about 'The Promise of the New Economy'.
About Sacred Capital:
Sacred Capital is building a reputation based economy that helps people build and participate in new kinds of networks. They are actively seeking 'Genesis Thinkers', individuals who will form the foundational social capital of this economy. In doing so, Genesis Thinkers will initiate distinct conversations, shape movements, and explore new dimensions of value creation. The team is currently on the road, speaking at events in Asia, Europe and N. America. You can read more on their website:
About Sid:
Formerly the head of one of South Asia’s largest trading desks, he spent four years in a community founded by Gandhi where he explored paradigms for distributed economics and founded Sacred Capital.
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