MyData: A Child’s Rights Perspective

Design Museum Helsinki - MyData: A Child’s Rights Perspective

Design Museum Helsinki
tiistai 28.8.2018
Mistä 9:00 Aikeissa 18:00
Design Museum Helsinki
FIHelsingfors23 Högbergsgatan00130
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This full day workshop is a side event to the MyData 2018 conference happening in Helsinki, Finland.
The goal for the workshop is to define ethical and practical measures around the processing of children’s personal data. These measures will act as guidelines for professions that provide products and services targeting children. Ultimately the guidelines will be combined in to a guide that can be used by all.
We will collaboratively explore the impact of data collection, rights, privacy and protection from the *****’s (parent, guardian, educator, caretaker, etc) and a child’s perspective. (We have used the umbrella term child but cover the following groups: babies, children, adolescents and teenagers.)
We want to collaborate with the MyData 2018 conference attendees and others interested in the topic to contribute with their skills, expertise and experience to help empower and protect these sections of society.
The workshop accommodates 30 participants and will take place on 28.8.2018, the day before the MyData2018 conference. Food, drinks and snacks will be supplied.
The structure and format of the workshop is as follows:

Introduction to the existing Children’s Design Guide () and our partners at MyData and the Design Museum

Discuss selected issues and concerns related to the topics that resonate with the group to form several ‘tracks’ to work on

Divide into groups and explore the tracks

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Present, round up the learnings and proposals that could be integrated into the guide

Helsinki, Finland is the birthplace of the MyData and the Designing for Children’s rights initiatives. The workshop will be held at the Design Museum which is an internationally recognised museum of Finnish design.
MyData () is a Nordic model for human centered personal data management and processing.
The Design Museum researches, collects, stores and documents design, and displays it both in Finland and in touring exhibitions abroad.
For more information on getting to the venue please visit
To purchase tickets for the MyData conference please visit

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