Lapland Holiday - 15 days

Levi, Finland - Lapland Holiday - 15 days

Levi, Finland
torstai 19.12.2019
torstai 2.1.2020
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Levi, Finland
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We have had lots of request for a trip to Lapland, so here you are.....

Join us on this magical holiday to go and see the main man himself... Santa! Meet Santa in Lapland

Why spends thousands just for 4 nights when you could join us for 15 days.

Not only will you go to see Santa, you will also enjoy X2 cruises with accommodation, you will also stay in 4* hotels.

If that is not enough, you will see in the new year at Efteling in the Netherlands for an unforgettable night!

We have gave plenty of notice for this trip to ensure everyone has the opportunity to go to Lapland, we offer weekly,monthly and staged payments too.

For more details, please visit our website
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