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Jyväskylä University - Workshop - Speed up your literature review with

Jyväskylä University
maanantai 8.10.2018
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Jyväskylä University
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Hitting a roadblock in your research or thesis writing process? Do you struggle with the overwhelming volume of published scientific research?
Join the workshop and learn how to use - your science assistant, that semi-automates the discovery and literature review parts of your research process.

Why you should join? has already read and memorised 80 million research papers - so you don't have to! helps you to get an overall landscape around your research challenge as well as a specific reading list covering the papers that you should actually spend time on reading.
As a result of attending the workshop and using the tools you’ll:
1. Save up to 78% of your time spent on compiling a reading list for your literature review with a 99,8% confidence level. If 85% accuracy level in the results is sufficient, you can achieve it in just a couple of days of dedicated work
2. Broaden your search beyond limiting keywords and get a full overview of all papers related to your research problem
3. Avoid endless results lists of research papers and built-in citation biases
4. Narrow down a long collection of research papers to a specific reading list that you should focus on

Who is it for?
The event is open and free for all University of Jyväskylä & University Consortium Chydenius students, researchers and staff members. During the 2-hour workshop you will see a demo of how to get started with your Premium account and put the tools to the test. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions and receive invaluable support from team.

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When and where? and University of Jyväskylä host two free workshop sessions on campus. Both events have the same content, so you can choose to join us in the morning or afternoon session. See the schedule below:
On Monday, October 8th, 2018
10:00-12:00 S 204 (Seminarium)
13:00-15:00 MaA 211 (Matem)

We’re, a company leveraging Machine Learning technology to understand scientific knowledge and develop the personalized Science Assistant of the future.​ tools allow you to map out the research landscape around any given research topic.
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