Open Innovation Meetup, Nordics_Helsinki

Maria 01 - Open Innovation Meetup, Nordics_Helsinki

Maria 01
perjantai 5.10.2018
Mistä 14:30 Aikeissa 18:00
Maria 01
FIHelsinkiLapinlahdenkatu 16 00180
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Nordic Open Innovation Tour aims to promote the Nordics as a single open innovation market for global established companies. While increasing cross-border collaboration and promoting best practices within Nordics, the desirable goal is to increase the number of projects that Nordic startups work on with global companies, and promote the region for easy and feasible collaboration environment with standard practices.
Open Innovation Meetups Nordics’ vision includes:
I Strengthening and promoting the Nordics as a desirable single region (instead of domestic promotion) for open innovation for global established companies. Also,  building first opportunities for collaboration.
II Make agreeing on pilot projects between corporations and startups faster with standard, Series Seed -style contracts. Increase understanding of open innovation with a guidebook.
III Establish an open innovation meetup tradition in Nordic hubs for Open Innovation challenge launches

14:30 Doors opened, Food & Drinks
15:00 Program begins
15:00 > Case presentations of open innovation projects, Corporates launching and promoting open innovation challenges, Open Innovation Handbook presentation by Industryhack & Standart agreements.
Speakers: Airbus, Slush, TTY, Industryhack, Perfektio, Junction and more to come!
16:30 > Facilitated Networking curated by our awesome host

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17:00 Drinks and Food continue

Join us at the series of the events:
Helsinki - October 5, Maria 01
Oslo - October 12, MESH
Stockholm - October 18, Norrsken House
Copenhagen - October 25, Matrikel 1
Tallinn November 19-23, Startup Estonia
Organised with: Maria 01, Industryhack, Norrsken House, Matrikel1, Mesh, Startup Estonia
Powered by: Rising North

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