RGJ - Rapu Game Jam 2018

Meduusa Studio - RGJ - Rapu Game Jam 2018

Meduusa Studio
maanantai 5.11.2018
Mistä 22:00
tiistai 6.11.2018
Aikeissa 9:00
Meduusa Studio
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Get ready for Rapu Game Jam debut! Event location is in Kouvola, Kasarminmäki. In addition to traditional game developing, there is a carrot on a stick here. You are competing with your own game project for prizes that the most innovative team gets! Our judges will review game projects and thus you have a chance to pitch your own project, get feedback and luckily win the prize! Revealing of themes and the topics will be during the opening of the event. Once the themes are revealed, teams can begin to develop their games.
All participating teams will pitch their games at the end of the week during Creative World –seminar! International game week is about the good benefits of the games so themes revolves around those good values! Welcome and good luck fellow jammers!
Rapu Gamelab is part of the RDI-services here at Kouvola Campus, and our team is organizing this event. We work on different projects that have themes such as gamification, health and welbeing. We are happy to help in order to make this event a success to everyone! Let's build better tomorrow together through games!
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