23rd World Nutrition & Pediatrics Healthcare Conference

Helsinki - 23rd World Nutrition & Pediatrics Healthcare Conference

maanantai 29.4.2019
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tiistai 30.4.2019
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Nutrition & Pediatrics 2019 Conference welcomes you to grace with your presence. 23rd World Nutrition & Pediatrics Healthcare Conference to be held Helsinki, Finland during April 29-30, 2019. This Nutrition & Pediatrics 2019 Conference will bring Pediatricians, Pediatrics Researchers, Primary Care Professional, Clinical Nutritionists, Dieticians and Scientist to discuss strategies for Nutrition & Pediatrics globally. With the Theme of “Advancement and innovation in Nutrition & Pediatrics Healthcare”
Nutrition & Pediatrics 2019 will provide an opportunity for all participants working on nutrition and Pediatrics to talk about their work. Nutrition & Pediatrics 2019 will congregate renowned speakers, principal investigators, experts, Neutralists and Pediatricians from both academia and healthcare industry will join to discuss their views and research. The conference will be comprised of sessions by world-class experts in the field of Nutrients and Pediatrics. In Nutrition & Pediatrics 2019, international symposiums, B2B meetings, international workshops will also be organized to discuss the specific topics in the field of Nutrients and Pediatrics.
Conference Highlights

Nutrition and obesity
Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases & Vaccines
Nutrition and Aesthetic
Food Microbiology and Food science
Pediatrics and Endocrinology
Nutrition and Women Healthcare
Biochemical and Molecular Nutrition
Pediatrics Haematology & Oncology
Nutrition and Education
Infancy Nursing & Healthcare
Pediatrics Disorders

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Nutrition and Physiology
Nutrition and Pediatrics Diet
Pediatrics and Parenteral nutrition
Neonatal and Pediatrics Nutrition
Animal and Dairy Nutrition

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