Entrepreneurship - Discussion Panel

The Shortcut - Entrepreneurship - Discussion Panel

The Shortcut
maanantai 25.2.2019
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The Shortcut
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Are you thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Join us for a Discussion Panel on Entrepreneurship with some of the most active actors in the scene. The panel will present their organisation, activities and will be answering some of the audience's questions.
The Shortcut focuses on tech and high growth startups entrepreneurship as a career path and brings diversity into the startup ecosystem.
Kiuas is the # 1 startup accelerator in Finland. They encourage people to build their own ventures and support early-stage startups from idea to first revenue.
Startup Refugees works with the human capital of refugees combined with local entrepreneurship to create new opportunities.
Helsinki Think Company is the entrepreneurship society of the University of Helsinki.
NewCo is the entrepreneurship center of the City of Helsinki.

5:00-5:05 Registration
5:05-5:10 Welcoming words
5:10- 5:20 Panelists introduction
5:20-5:40 Floor opens for questions
5:40-6:00 Discussion
6:00-6:30 Networking with the panelists
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