Revive - Ready to feel well?

Startup Sauna - Revive - Ready to feel well?

Startup Sauna
perjantai 8.3.2019
Mistä 17:00 Aikeissa 21:00
Startup Sauna
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Hectic schedules. Fear of failure. Fatigue. Stress. Sounds familiar?
A person aiming towards success get too often experienced with these matters.
Come and listen to professionals from various fields who have tackled these issues and get concrete tips and tools on well-being.
Our speakers include Tomi Kaukinen from License to Fail, Totti Nyberg from Makia, Johannes Kangas from Forenom and Eeva Sipilä from Metso, who are enlightening this important topic.
Find yourself on the 8th of March at Startup Sauna to get your life on a new track.
Partnering with us is Vitamin Well.

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