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How do we Co-create a FUTURE beyond sustainability?
Welcome to the days that could change everything!
Nordic FUTURE brings together innovative local Impact entrepreneurs with global investors, thought leaders, academia, eco-systems and innovation communities, entrepreneurs and change-makers.
Nordic FUTURE is at the same time a pre-gathering for Nordic-Baltic entrepreneurs to prepare, network, practice your pitch to be more successful doing business Internationally at Nordic Impact Week in Silicon Valley in October 2020. 
Focus areas! 
We will focus and co-create on "Smart functional cities" "Circular Bioeconomy" "Energy" "Water" "Women with Impact" supported by the next generation of education solutions with VR/AI/XR/5G. 
Jobs, skilled talents, and global challenges are our biggest fear in modern times. And In today's fast pacing change in business and society, with our global climate challenges and global warming, Digitalization and Industry 4.0 with the fear of losing jobs, how do co-create the FUTURE we want and address those challenges? 
We are at the same time standing in front of maybe the biggest opportunity for positive change ever! No one can predict the future, but we can decide what kind of future we want, so welcome and co-create a beautiful one!  
Nordic FUTURE is for those who are curious about the future of jobs, business and a good life, for you who want to develop yourself and your skills, for companies, students, aspiring entrepreneurs, already entrepreneurs, politicians, civil society, public works and you who believe in opportunities.

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You will meet successful investors, exciting speakers and mission-driven entrepreneurs from around the world who come to Helsinki to co-create, do business, inspire, build networks and have fun. 
Get your tickets today, 1-day single pass to 2 days all-access pass, VIP, social, startups, to established corporates. Students and retired has special offers email to info@
For corporate and organization packages of tickets please use the same email for offers. 
Super Early bird bookings give you -40% off on all tickets here in Eventbrite before December 31.

Questions, email to
Call for +46 72 740 66 06 
Welcome and Co-Create the FUTURE we want!

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