CS Utopia 2 Workshop

Room Q201 - CS Utopia 2 Workshop

Room Q201
keskiviikko 8.5.2019
Mistä 17:00 Aikeissa 19:00
Room Q201
FIEspooVäre 02150
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Dear CS students and teachers,
Welcome to the second CS Utopia workshop! In this edition we will discuss and develop our compulsory courses, and think what kind of study tracks CS could have. The aim is to find out how to improve the courses so that they support each other better, and make it easier for the students to get started with selecting courses.
WHERE: Room Q201, Väre, Otaniemi 
WHEN: Wednesday May 8 at 5–7pm.
The agenda:
1) CS compulsory courses: how to improve the courses and improve the synergies between them?
2) CS study tracks: what kinds of tracks there could be? how the tracks should be so that they would help the students the most?
As the first CS Utopia stated: Come meet the CS community and help build a creative and sustainable utopia together! Coffee and snacks will be served.
If you want to help in organising the workshop, please contact Salla or Angela! 

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