Exclusive Scrum at Scale Coach Camp

Biskopsö - Exclusive Scrum at Scale Coach Camp

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FIKimito island municipality
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The exclusive Scrum at Scale Coach Camp
Scrum at Scale is a framework and model for changing the whole organization’s operative model and culture. Scrum at Scale is a model for evolutionary development of the agile ways of living, working and getting value of all kind delivered in an organization. (It is not a scaled model for IT-agility).
This Scrum at Scale camp is something really different. This learning and sharing experience is for agile coaches and Scrum masters. This is for you who want to learn with peers of the same caliber. This is for you who like an unconventional setting and connecting with people on a deeper level.
21-23 August 2019.
Biskopsö island.
In the beautiful Finnish archipelago, on an island outside Taalintehdas, Finland.
For whom?
-          You have at least 4 years of Scrum experience.
-          You want to learn the Scrum at Scale framework (and get certified) but don’t prefer mass classroom PowerPoint sessions.
-          You are willing and able to train, teach, coach, share, question, listen, appreciate different perspectives, learn and question yourself in regard to agile and Scrum.
-          There are only 4-8 places available on each camp (depending on if you want to sleep in a private room or if you are OK to share room with another person).
-          We are learning Scrum at Scale by deep conversations and mutual coaching sessions – facilitated by Riina Hellström, who is a licensed S@S trainer a brain-based business coach and an experienced organization development professional.

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-          We will be agreeing on the learning backlog together before the camp (virtual session)
-          You will be participating in both the learning and the training, sharing and exploring according to the learning objectives of the Scrum at Scale curriculum.
-          By the end of the S@S Coach Camp you have learnt the S@S curriculum and much, much more.
-          The magic happens when amazing people get together for 2,5 days to learn with each other.
-          You will take the S@S virtual test and surely you will pass after the intensive learning experience.
-          Additionally to learning Scrum@Scale we are going to do the following:
- Cook our food and eat every meal together- Trek on the nature trail (about 8 km)- Warm up the sauna and do sauna bathing (when you are in Finland you should try the sauna). - Walk in the woods and swimming in the lake, if you feel like it. - Go early to bed, be clear in the head.
-          We will be at Riina’s summer house on an island in the beautiful Finnish archipelago, about 2,5 hours from Helsinki plus a short 5 min boat trip.
-          The scenery and nature are amazing, pure, quiet, and you will find peace and harmony just by being in this serene place.

10.00                 Start from Helsinki Airport, (or Espoo at 10.30)
12.00                 Lunch at Taalintehdas, Finland
13.00                 Boat trip to the summer house, settling in the rooms, touring the place
14.00                 Coffee & Snacks, Learning session 1
16.00                 Walk in the woods, Learning session 2
18.00                 Snacks, Drinks and Sauna / free time
20.00                 Dinner & Evening chilling.
22.30                 Good night, sleep tight
08.30                 Breakfast
09.30                 Learning session 3 & 4 with breaks
12.00                 Lunch
13.00                 Learning session 5 & 6 with breaks
16.00                 Trekking the nature trail, Learning session 7
18.00                 Snacks, Drinks and Sauna / free time
20.00                 Dinner & Evening Chilling.
22.30                 Good night, sleep tight
08.30                 Breakfast
09.30                 Learning session 8 & 9 with breaks
12.00                 Lunch
13.00                 Learning session 10
14.30                 Coffee & snacks
15.00                 Leaving the summer house
15.30                 Trip back to Helsinki from Taalintehdas
17.45                 Arrival in Helsinki (approx.)

coffee, tea, milk, bread, butter, jam, cheese, ham, yogurt, muesli, fruit.
-          First day at Dalsbruk Strand Hotel – pre ordered
-          Second day : Creamy tomato soup, crème fraiche, salad with smoked salmon, bread, cream cheese. (vegetarian and vegan possible)
-          Third day: Herbs & Avocado pasta with shrimps (vegan without shrimps)
-          First day: Fried Chicken, falafel and vegetables with potato salad, green salad, tsatsiki, bread. (vegetarian without chicken, vegan possible)
-          Second day: Tex-mex Lasagna Bolognese, fetacheese salad, bread. (Veggie: Seitan pitabread with salad)

Early bird tickets - 20% until 31.5.2019.
1500 EUR + applicable VAT bring your own tent + sleeping gear
1750 EUR + applicable VAT (accommodation in a shared room)
2000 EUR + applicable VAT in (accommodation in a single room)
Note that after getting your ticket via Evenbrite, you will be invoiced the sum of the ticket you choose. Please make sure that your invoice is paid before you arrive to the Camp.
The price includes:
-          The Certified S@S Course & Course materials (printed, not electronic)
-          S@S online test & certificate (if passed)
-          Accommodation 2 nights in shared room. (Private room +250 EUR)
-          3 x lunch, 2 x breakfast, 2 x dinner
-          Water and sparkling water throughout the days
-          All day coffee and tea, nuts, fruit, juice
-          Bed linens, towels.
 Participants are advised to bring their own toiletries and medications.
The price does not include:
-          Traveling to Taalintehdas from i.e. Helsinki. We will co-organize for the rides and travel depending of the signups to the camp.

We offer a 100% refund if you cancel your registration more than 45 days before the event.
Please wait until we have confirmed the camp (with enough participants) before booking your travel/flight tickets! People Geeks will not reimburse travel costs in any case.
For cancellations after 45 days before the event, we do not offer a refund, however you can choose from the following options:

Transfer your place to a colleague or another person at no extra charge. We do not cover any related or forfeited travel expenses.
Transfer to a future program run by the same trainer. We do not guarantee another program in your country. We do not cover any related or forfeited travel expenses.

People Geeks Ltd Oy reserves the right to postpone or cancel this event if there are insufficient registrations (we’ll do this camp with more than 3 participants + trainer).
In a tragic situation of a force majeure for a trainer (illness, travel disruption, weather etc.) you will receive a full refund for the program. We will do our very best to ensure this situation does not occur. We do not cover any related or sunk costs in this very unlikely, and unfortunate situation.
Please note:
We are out on an island. People Geeks Ltd Oy expects you to have a proper travel insurance in place. There are two mentionable risks that you have to know when in the archipelago
Ticks: The European countries have ticks. In the Finnish archipelago there are ticks, and the recommendation is to check your body for ticks after a walk in the woods, and before going to bed. When we walk in the woods, you should wear long trousers, and a long sleeved shirt. There is a slight risk that ticks carry diseases like Lyme Disease (curable with antibiotics) or Tick-Borne Encephalitis (protect by vaccination). (During the summer of 2018 we found 2 ticks on our clothes).
Snake: The only snake in Finland which might cause you a bit of pain is Vipera Berus. (Australians would probably laugh at us). Relatively speaking, bites from this species are not highly dangerous. Adults might get swelling and pain, there is also first aid medicine on all Finnish summer houses if someone would be bitten.
Riina Hellström is recommended internationally by peers and strangers as a brilliant agile & people professional. She is a misfit of "old-school" organizations, until she jumped off the corporate ladder to drive the Agile organization development scene forward.
About The Trainer
Riina Hellström is an agile enterprise coach, CSM, CSPO, CSP, a SAFe Agilist and a Licensed Scrum at Scale trainer. She is trained by the father of Scrum – Dr. Jeff Sutherland, and sees Scrum at Scale as a model for culture and organization change in all parts of the organization and for all kinds of operations (not just software or IT development). She is leading and catalyzing large scale transformations and working with executives on the agile development of leadership teams and operations, support functions and management structures. Riina leads People Geeks, a boutique business consulting and training company. She is also the co-founder of the global Agile HR Community, being a global influencer in Agile HR.  You can be sure you will have a great time learning when facilitated by Riina, she will use you and others' strengths for creating a common learning experience – not be the one “telling” truths.
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