Modern Windows Management with Michael Niehaus & MVP stars

Innopoli 2 - Modern Windows Management with Michael Niehaus & MVP stars

Innopoli 2
torstai 24.10.2019
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Innopoli 2
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Modern Windows Management with Michael Niehaus & MVP stars
Join this one-day seminar to learn new ways to manage Windows 10 devices. The topics cover Autopilot, Intune, Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Graph and Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection.
Our main speaker is Michael Nieuhaus, who is a principal program manager at Microsoft and responsible for AutoPilot development. Michael has worked with Microsoft for decades and he has speaked in many major Microsoft conferences like Ignite. This is his first speaking gig in Finland! And a perfect opportunity for you to learn more about Autopilot and ask questions about it.
Other speakers are Microsoft Enterprise Mobiliy MVPs, who have been speakers in many different international conferences:- Ronni Pedersen- Petri Paavola- Mirko Colemberg- Kenny Buntinx- Sandy Zeng

9.00    What's new in Autopilot?, Michael Niehaus, Microsoft 10.00  Break 10.15  Automating Intune management with Graph/PowerShell, Petri Paavola11.00  Break 11.15  Desktop Analytics: The new Swiss Army knife for your Windows as a service solution,Mirko Colemberg12.00  Lunch 12.45  How to secure & reduce your attack surface on Intune devices with Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP), Kenny Buntinx 13.45  Break 14.00  Autopilot in real life, Yinghua (Sandy) Zeng14.45  Break 15.00  Troubleshooting the modern managed client, Ronni Pedersen15.45  Break16.00  Autopilot Ask Me Anything, Michael Nieuhaus 17.00  

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