ASM Game Jam '19

Messukeskus - ASM Game Jam '19

torstai 1.8.2019
Mistä 18:00
sunnuntai 4.8.2019
Aikeissa 9:00
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ASM Game Jam '19 is here! A game jam brings together all types of game developers, amateurs, professionals and students to innovate new games in a single weekend or a similar short time span. Typically participants work in small teams, racing to produce as complete a game as possible with limited time and resources, but unlimited creativity.
As usual, the ASM Game Jam will have a shared theme. You can choose the technology for your jam game as you wish, and you can either come with a team or join teams with strangers. Please bring your own computer and other equipment you will need. Contact us if you have special requests. 
The jam kicks off on Thursday, so to take advantage of the whole duration of the jam, join before the lights are turned off at Messukeskus. If you are not able to come on Thursday, you can also jump in on Friday or Saturday.
You can participate by buying our affordable ASM Game Jammer ticket. The ticket includes a computer place and all the normal access on Assembly area. 
If you already have Assembly Summer 2019 computer ticket, you can join the jam by getting the free ASM Game Jammer ticket.
If you have any further questions on ASM Game Jam, please contact 
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