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The Shortcut
keskiviikko 28.8.2019
Mistä 16:30
keskiviikko 18.12.2019
Aikeissa 18:30
The Shortcut
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The Shortcut Clubs are peer-to-peer learning clubs where participants have the chance to learn how to code through hands-on sessions that will get them acquainted with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React or Python.
Participants get to know those most popular coding languages, find different solutions by discussing with others, share their knowledge and build up projects that can be used to showcase their newly acquired skills.
We gather coding enthusiasts who can share their passion with others! Come with your laptop whether you have zero experience or some skills under your belt!
We also welcome everyone who wants to be a coach in the clubs to come and join us. If you want to deliver workshop(s), feel free to contact us directly via this email address
#html #css #javascript #react #python
Note: register only once.
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