HDI Support Center Team Lead 2 Days Virtual Live Training in Helsinki

Helsinki - HDI Support Center Team Lead 2 Days Virtual Live Training in Helsinki

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Course Description:
Support center team leads serve as the communication link between the team and the manager as well as the first point of internal escalation for the customer. HDI Support Center Team Lead (HDI-SCTL) training ensures that participants learn how to deliver exceptional customer support, promote Process improvement, coach for success, and take charge of the day-to-day operational activities of a team. This Course is designed for support professionals who need to develop fundamental Management and leadership skills.
Course Topics:
Unit 1 : Support Center Overview
●     The Evolution of the Support Center
●     The Role of the Support Center
Unit 2 : Role of the Support Center Team Lead
●     The Role of the Support Center Team Lead
●     Effective leadership
●     Emotional Intelligence
●     Managing Relationships
Unit 3 : Business planning and Strategy
●     Strategic Perspective
●     Building a Service and Support Strategy
●     Service Level Management

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●     Standard Operating Procedures
●     Business Alignment
Unit 4 : Support Center Processes
●     Best Practices for Support
●     Service Operation
●     Additional Processes
●     Knowledge Management
Unit 5 : Support Delivery Methods & Technology
●     Support Center Infrastructure
●     Support Tools & Communication Channels
●     Service Delivery Methods
●     Cloud Services
●     Service Management Systems
Unit 6 : Workforce Management & Training
●     Workforce Management
●     Sourcing and Recruitment
●     Training
Unit 7 : Communication & Coaching
●     Communication Skills
●     Global Awareness
●     Managing Conflict
●     Coaching
Unit 8 : Teamwork, Motivation, & Retention
●     Teamwork
●     Motivation, Rewards, and Recognition
●     Performance Management
●     Retention
Unit 9 : Metrics and Quality Assurance
●     Metrics
●     Quality Assurance
●     Using Surveys
●     Performance Reporting
●     Promoting the Support Center
 Learning Goals:
●     Essential team lead Management and leadership skills.
●     The importance of service level agreements, and operating level agreements.
●     The ITIL Processes of incident, problem, change, release, asset, and configuration Management
●     An overview of security Management and knowledge Management.
●     Strategies for managing conflict.
●     The essentials of people Management: hiring, scheduling, evaluating, and retaining employees
●     An eight-step method for effective coaching.
●     Proven team-building and motivational techniques.
●     Essential performance metrics and key performance indicators.
 Course Agenda:
Day 1
●     Support Center Overview
●     Role of the Support Center Team Lead
●     Business planning and Strategy
●     Support Center Processes
●     Support Delivery Methods & Technology
Day 2
●     Workforce Management & Training
●     Communication & Coaching
●     Teamwork, Motivation, & Retention
●     Metrics and Quality Assurance
 Who can Attend?
●     Technical support professionals who must understand support center Processes and Best Practices and master important daily functions like quality assurance monitoring, coaching, and escalation.
●     Individuals who are preparing for the HDI Support Center Team Lead certification exam.
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