Project Management Basics 2 Days Virtual Live Training Helsinki

Helsinki - Project Management Basics 2 Days Virtual Live Training Helsinki

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Course Description:
With this Course you will gain a basic understanding of Project Management based on the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® – 5th Edition. The Course covers information on project Management theory, Principles, techniques, and methods.
 During the Course, exercises are made based upon a case study. The case study may be one of three pre-defined case studies or a customized case study from the participant’s organization (see below: customization).
Course Topics:
Module 1 : Getting Started
 Module 2 : The Big Picture
●      Basic Principles about Project Management
●      The necessity of project preparation
●      Explanation of the Course roadmap
Module 3 : Definitions, Concept & Life Cycles
●      Project Management (PM) Definitions
●      Focus and benefits of PM
●      Concepts of triple constraints and competing demands
●      Project life cycles
Module 4 : People, Projects and Framework

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●      People and projects overview
●      The project manager
●      The project sponsor / director
●      The client, the project team and other stakeholders
●      People and projects in organizations
●      Framework
Module 5 : Initiating and Defining Requirements
●      Initiating the project and developing the project charter
●      Conducting stakeholder Assesments
●      Defining Requirements
●      Establishing the change control Process
Module 6 : Using the Work Breakdown Structure
●      Defining the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
●      Developing a usable WBS
●      Using the WBS
Module 7 : Managing Project Risk
●      Making the case for Risk Management
●      Using Risk Management Processes and tools
Module 8 : Estimating
●      Defining an estimate
●      Distinguishing approaches to estimating
●      Using specific estimating Practices & techniques for duration
●      Estimating cost
●      Validating an estimate – schedule or budget
Module 9 : Scheduling
●      Defining the scheduling Process & related terminology
●      Sequencing and Defining dependencies
●      Determining the critical path
●      Considering schedule Risks and optimizing the schedule
Module 10 : Executing, Communicating, and Developing the Team
●      Defining Execution
●      Executing through Effective Communication & Stakeholder Relationships
●      Executing with High-Performing Teams
Module 11 : Monitoring and Controlling
●      Defining monitoring and controlling
●      Viewing control through the lens of competing demands
●      Using earned value for schedule and cost control
Module 12 : Closing the Project
●      Closing projects
●      Focusing on project transition
●      Focusing on post-project evaluations
Module 13 : Summary and Next Steps
Learning Goals:
The basics of Project Management and be able to contribute to projects based upon the knowledge related to the Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® – 5th Edition.
Course Agenda:
Day 1
●      Getting Started
●      The Big Picture
●      Definitions, Concept & Life Cycles
●      People, Projects and Framework
●      Initiating and Defining Requirements
●      Using the Work Breakdown Structure
●      Managing Project Risk
Day 2
●      Estimating
●      Scheduling
●      Executing, Communicating, and Developing the Team
●      Monitoring and Controlling
●      Closing the Project
●      Summary and Next Steps
Who can Attend?
Managers, project team memb ers or non-project managers working in a project environment who want to improve their effectiveness. Entry level for PM practitioners.
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