Risk Based Testing 2 Days Virtual Live Training in Helsinki

Helsinki - Risk Based Testing 2 Days Virtual Live Training in Helsinki

maanantai 10.2.2020
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tiistai 11.2.2020
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Course Description:
This Course highlights the importance and benefits that Risk based testing can have in an organisation. Risk Assesment approaches are demonstrated through practical exercises, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each, and assessing which will fit the needs of your organisation and the test team.
 =This Course can also be run as a half day workshop, part of an implementation roll-out (educational) Process to other departments once a Risk approach has been agreed. During the two days, exercises are conducted to show how to create a Risk based test strategy, plan and design test cases using Risk as the major influence.
Course Topics:
●      Introduction
●      Introduction to Risk
●      Risk Management Process
●      Rules for making it a success
●      Approaches to Risk
●      TMap Approach
●      Heuristic Risk based testing
●      Hans Schaefer’s approach
●      Paul Gerrard’s approach
●      Step Approach
●      Choosing an approach

Näytä lisää
●      Applying Risk to Testing
●      Test Strategy
●      Test planning & Estimation
●      Monitoring & Reporting
●      Monitoring & Metrics
●      Test Reporting
Learning Goals:
●      Understand Risk and how it applies to testing
●      Understand approaches to Risk Management and vital areas to consider with choosing the approach
●      Understand how to adopt a Risk-based approach to testing
●      Estimate, plan, monitor and control testing with an underpinning Risk approach
●      Get the Best use of testing techniques
●      Avoid misunderstandings associated with Risk based testing
Course Agenda:
Day 1
●      Introduction
●      Introduction to Risk
●      Approaches to Risk
Day 2
●      Applying Risk to Testing
●      Monitoring & Reporting
Who can Attend?
●      Test managers
●      Team leaders
●      Development managers
●      Project managers
●      QA managers
●      Testers
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