4th Campaign : Kahvi Osapuoli

Kokkola - 4th Campaign : Kahvi Osapuoli

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Finnish Coffee Parties :
The coffee culture of the Finnish gentlefolk differed greatly from that of common and bigger coffee parties were popular among gentlewomen . Women were particularly fond of coffee for two reasons: it did not contain any alcohol, and coffee drinkers were considered to be sophisticated
The coffee parties were important social events where the hostess regaled her guests with coffee and a variety of cakes and confectioneries. The women socialized and played games all evening, with the elderly and the most prestigious women seated in the lounge and the young and the unmarried women sitting on benches that were arranged along the side of the walls and in other rooms. Even though these parties were called coffee parties, their main purpose was not just to drink coffee, but to meet friends and to hear the latest gossip

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